Thursday, 14 April 2016

PhD Funding

It's a long shot, but I know representatives of a couple of academic societies, focused on the history of Jews generally Anglo-Jewry specifically read this blog. If you have (or know of any) funding available for PhD study then could you please an e-mail? (My contact details can be found on the 'A Longwinded, and Bombastic, Introduction' page.) I have obtained a conditional offer from the University of Manchester, but am struggling to find funding for my project, without which I will be unable to pursue this line of study. There are a couple of other lines that I can chase up, but I'm rapidly running out of options. At the heart of my proposal is the desire to investigate the impact that gender, life-cycle and 'Jewishness' had upon Jewish business activities in medieval England (a complete copy of my proposal can be obtained upon request).

I realise that this is a highly cheeky request, but I'm running out of options if I am to start a PhD in September which would be ideal.

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