Friday, 24 June 2016

New Resources - The Jewish Chronicle

I have tracked down these articles in the Jewish Chronicle which relate to the history of medieval Anglo-Jewry, however this is an incomplete list. I have, for example, been unable to track down the pieces by Robin M. from the early 1990s so I must assume that the online website is not a complete repository, so if anybody can supplement this list I will happily add the pieces.

Jewish Chronicle

Jennifer Lipman, ‘The medieval Jewish poet who preceded Chaucer’,  The Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 2012, available online at  accessed on 17 Jun. 16.

Jonathan Romain, ‘Magna Carta’s three Jewish clauses’, The Jewish Chronicle, 4 September 2014, available online at accessed on 17 Jun. 16.

Alan Shaw, ‘York – site of atrocity, symbol of hope’, The Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 2013, available online at accessed on 17 Jun. 16.

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