Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Q. #7 Can you recommend any academic societies which would allow me to keep abreast of information pertaining to the Jews of England?

This question comes from Stephen in Dublin (Ireland).

Yes, I can recommend several academic societies which allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest academic developments in Jewish Studies generally and medieval Anglo-Jewry as well:

  • ·         The European Association for Jewish Studies – this is a general organisation which encompasses information on all aspects of European Jewry. The website includes a directory of scholars working in the field, CFP’s, information on new publications and a database for funding (though you have to be a member to access this last section). For some reason I’m not a member of this yet, but I can say that the newsletter, released monthly, is excellent for keeping tabs on new information. Also, the EAJS is currently looking for a new administrator so if you feel that you are qualified for that then please do consider it for a very worthy academic society (though I’ve put in an application for that position so perhaps I shouldn’t advocate more competition!).
  • ·         The Jewish Historical Society of England – established in 1893 this is one of the oldest academic societies, for Jewish history, in Europe (from memory I think it is the second oldest). It’s journal, which has recently become fully peer-reviewed, now called Jewish Historical Studies has an excellent track record of publishing material on the history of medieval Anglo-Jewry (all of these articles are available when you purchase membership). Also, the JHSE awards grants annually, I was a recipient this year, so if you have a project in mind then do consider that for next year.
  • ·         The British Association of Jewish Studies – this is a general association for Jewish Studies and much can be learned from its newsletter. The website of the BAJS also contains a great deal of information on such things as conferences, jobs and grants. 

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