Thursday, 1 September 2016

Q. #8 Can you review a specific volume for me?

Judy would like to know if I can upload my thoughts on Kristine T. Utterback and Merall L. Price (eds.), Jews in Medieval Christendom: Slay Them Not (Leiden: Brill, 2013), so that she can decide whether to purchase a copy of this.

Judy, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to review this volume for you Elizabeth, however, I do not have access to a copy that volume. The most I can do is say that if I do get hold of a copy then I will happily review this volume. Also, I open up the field to anybody who does have access to this volume and would be willing to jot down a few thoughts for Elizabeth.

Just an observation - Robert Stacey contributed an essay to this volume and while I rarely agree with him, he does set the gold standard for scholarship on medieval Anglo-Jewish history. That being said, I've not read the essay in question so I couldn't speak to how good this one is. Apologies that I could not offer more assistance.

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