Friday, 11 November 2016

(Jewish) OTD: 11 November


A couple of days ago we saw an acknowledgement of debt owed to Isaac son of Samuel of York. Today, we see another such acknowledgement from the Westminster Abbey Muniments. This time John son of Thomas of Rising acknowledged a debt of £6 of silver on the feast of St. Martin (11 November). Rising is just over five miles from King’s Lynn, and just over thirty-six miles (as the crow files) from Norwich where the acknowledgment would have been deposited. Given that the document includes the addendum that it was written by Geoffrey of Southgate, it seems reasonable to assume that John made the journey to Norwich, and by my calculations he would have had to have spent a night in the city (or somewhere else). This does not, however, cause any problems for us as the specified sum transacted was slightly higher than average so can be accounted for their. The document itself is fairly standard (though it’s easy to say that when you’ve seen as many acknowledgements as I have). Following the sum borrowed, is the stipulation that it was to be repaid at Easter 1270 (Easter being the second most common day for repayment after Michaelmas). Additionally, there is the penalty clause. Just a minor point for anybody accessing the Westminster Abbey Muniments (which is a truly stunning place to work – especially if you happen to be there when the quire is rehearsing), if Lipman and Causton are correct then there are two documents with the code WAM 6699.

V. D. Lipman, The Jews of Medieval Norwich (London, 1967), pp. 298-299: WAM 6699.

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