Monday, 21 November 2016

(Jewish) OTD: 21 November

My apologies for my absence over the weekend with regards to the OTD feature. As I’m sure that you can imagine, it takes up quite a lot of my time and I needed to get some of my own research done.


In a series of entries in the Patent Rolls dated 21 November 1265, a number of grants were made not to interfere in Jewish debts. We have already seen this type of order, so I don’t need to go into the context again. The first grant was made to Benedict of Lincoln, granting that the Crown would not interfere in debts which were owed to him by a number of named individuals. Following on from this, the same terms were granted to Josce (Joseph) nephew of Aaron and his son Benedict, Magister Mosse, Auntera daughter of Jacob (this appears in the male in the published version but I think the name is feminine) and Manasser son of Aaron of London. In the case of Manasser, another series of debtors are named.

Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office:  Henry III, 1258-1266, ed. H. C. Maxwell-Lyte (London, 1910), p. 510.

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