Friday, 4 November 2016

(Jewish) OTD: 4 November, part 2.


Day three of this Jewish OTD based on original documents, and the third acknowledgement of debt – an acknowledgement a day keeps the doctor away! Todays comes from Westminster Abbey Muniments and is an acknowledgement by Stephen Maulovel of Rampton of a debt of £94 and 1 mark (13s 6d) to Benedict of London, a Jew of Lincoln. This was an unusually large transaction given that the average size of an acknowledgement in Westminster Abbey Muniments is under £5. Additionally, it is unusual that instalments of repayment are stated (although this is congruous with the size of the debt) for the following two years, when the average duration of a debt was well under a year.

Medieval Jewish Documents in Westminster Abbey, ed. Ann Causton (London, 2007), pp. 68-69: WAM 9100.


  1. Was this Benedict the one who became a freeman of Winchester?

    1. It's always difficult to be precise with popular names like Benedict or Aaron. I'm fairly certain that this isn't Benedict the Guildsman of Winchester, because he often identified in a very different manner.The Benedict seems to have focused on Lincolnshire given that there are other acknowledgements within the Westminster Abbey Muniments of his.