Sunday, 6 November 2016

(Jewish) OTD: 6 November, part 1.


It’s another entry from the Fine Rolls of Henry III project today. This time, it’s an entry relating to the repayment of debt which had fallen into the king’s hands. The debt in question was a £31 which had originally been borrowed by John de Venuz  from “Pincha, formerly a Jew of Winchester”. I am more confident in placing the former than the latter. According to Nicholas Vincent, de Venuz was the hereditary forester of Aliceholt forest (Hants.).[1] Less confidently, I think that Pincha (Pinche) refers to the Jewish moneylender Abraham Pinche, of Winchester, who was hanged in 1235.[2] As a result of the manner of his death, Abraham’s chattels and property would have automatically defaulted to the Crown, however, the slight problem that I have is that this reference comes from sixteen years after Abraham died. Conversely, an entry in the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews reveals that one of Abraham’s debts was being dealt with as late as 1268, so it’s that difficult to make the connection (if anybody has a better candidate, then feel free to let me know).[3] Incidentally, I think it’s fair to rule out Abraham’s mother, Chera Pinche because the manuscript entry clearly uses the masculine iud[e]o rather than abbreviating it as iud’ as can make such a determination problematic. The terms of repayment which the entry stipulated for de Venuz was that 5 marks (£3 6s 8d) were to be paid annually at Easter until the debt was cleared.

“Fine Rolls of Henry III Project”, available online at accessed on 5 Nov. 2016.

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