Wednesday, 7 December 2016

(Jewish) OTD: 7 November

I can only apologise for my absence over the last little while. I’ve been accumulating even more rejection letters in my continued attempts to find employment (if anybody has any suggestions then please do let me know), and trying to get a bit of my own writing done. I assure you it’s not lack of interest just lack of time.


Today we have a fairly interesting letter from the patent rolls. Ralph son of Richard le Greyne was apparently in a situation where he found himself accused of (or actually did) killing a Jew called Isaac son of Cresse. This was a common name so I’ve not been able to work out who it was just yet. What is interesting however is that Ralph then fled and, in accordance with the law, was outlawed. Thereafter, Ralph  (or probably more likely his friends and allies) sought intervene and allow him to return home “on condition that he make peace with the relatives of the said Jew, and stand his trial if any will proceed against him”. What I find fascinating about this account, and many others like it, is that the social niceties are being observed, and yet the Crown reserved the right to bring a case for the death of one of the “King’s Jews”.

Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office: Henry III, 1247-1258, ed. H. C. Maxwell-Lyte(London, 1908) p. 120.

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