Other Online Bibliographies

David and Anna Abulafia, 'Paper 9: The Jewish Presence in Medieval Society', University of Cambridge, accessed on 17 Mar. 2016.

[This bibliography is targeting students considering medieval Jewry more generally but there is a useful section on England and other thematic sections, such as 'cultural encounters', which are contain literature pertinent to the study of medieval Anglo-Jewry.]

David Cesarani, 'England [Jewish Studies Bibliographies]', Oxford Bibliographies, accessed on 17 Mar. 2016.

[This resource requires a university login - I don't know whether there's a way to access the full version without such a subscription. This bibliography is focused on the Jews in England generally but there are several useful sections of interest to those studying the history of medieval Anglo-Jewry.]

Christopher Cluse, 'Jews in Medieval England: A Bibliography', The ORB: On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies, accessed on 17 Mar. 2016.

[This is the most comprehensive of the bibliographies listed here and though dated now, is a valuable resource nevertheless.]

Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE), 'A Bibliography of Anglo-Jewish History', accessed on 17 Mar. 2016.

[This provides a brief summary of the publications produced in relation to the history of medieval Anglo-Jewry and is good for general works. There is also particular emphasis on papers which have appeared in JHSE publications.]

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